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Reaping the Rewards

Everywhere you turn today, retailers are offering rewards to consumers for using their products.  Some vendors offer points you collect & then redeem, others give away free trials in hopes that the consumer likes their product so much they continue to use/purchase it even after the trial is complete.  And there always seems to be promotional codes for discounts for online purchases.  Well then, sign us up!  This has been a great system for Team Steinmetz since we’ve been able to purchase goods for little to nothing that we might have otherwise passed on in an effort to cut our spending.    

In the past six months, we’ve collected on new cell phones, salon services, magazine subscriptions, satellite radio, oil changes, movie passes, & video streaming.  Who knew that just a little upfront effort would gather us so much free, or really inexpensive stuff!  Take a look at all of the rewards we’ve reaped and feel free to jump on our wagon….it will be worth it!

  • My mom shared her Walgreens points, which got us 4 free cases of soda. 
  • My awesome hair salon/spa has a referral program that offers a $25 gift certificate for bringing in 3 new clients. 
  • We had an unfortunate experience with Tires Plus that resulted in 4 free oil change coupons.
  • We collect Coke Rewards points which have provided us with free movie tickets, free magazine subscriptions, and a $25 Best Buy gift certificate.
  • By paying our cell phone bill online & on time, we collect rewards points, which we were able to redeem for 2 new cell phones and cases, costing us nothing out of pocket at the time of redemption. 
  • In May, we cancelled the Sirius XM Radio subscription for my car.  Since then, they’ve offered a couple stints of FREE service in their attempt to keep me as a customer.  By the end of January, we will have received 8 months of service at the good old price of NOTHING!
  • Hulu, Netflix, and Red Box all offer some sort of trial version of their product.  We have obtained a good portion of our TV and movie needs from these brands since we no longer have cable.
  • Disney offers Disney Movie Rewards where you can earn points from surveys, emails and social media sites.  Points can be redeemed for a variety of things, such as Blu-rays, novelty items, gift cards, & travel.

Brandon, more so than me, is really great at staying on top of collecting points/rewards and redeeming them.  But as you can see from our list above, his efforts, which are minimal, are totally worth the time! 


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This is so true at Sirius Radio! We always wait for the subscription to end and then renew a month or 2 later when the rates are 2/3's less! Way to go Team Steinmetz! I didn't even think about points on the cell phones - but I'm so going to look into that!! :) Thanks for the great ideas!

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