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Peace of Mind

Almost everyone has bills and payments to make each month and for Team Steinmetz, keeping track of our bills and payments used to be nearly a nightmare.  Since both of us have our hands in our family’s finances, and some of the bills were in my name and some in Brandon’s name, it was a struggle knowing due dates, payment amounts, what account will fund the payment and planning who was setting up or making the payment.  We never missed a payment, but making sure the funds were covered for each of the payments was a nothing short of a chore. 

We don’t have kids, but with Brandon working 2 jobs and my schedule with working late, workout classes and volunteering, we needed a good mobile way to track what our schedules were.  Enter Google Calendar J.  With Google Calendar, we can enter events on the fly and share our calendar with each other.  This proved to be the golden ticket for each of us knowing what we had going on for the day, week, or month.  It also happened to be the best way for us to keep track of our monthly payments.  For each bill we receive, we enter it in the calendar on the day it is due, set up the reminder, and share it with each other’s calendar to keep us on our toes with payments.  For things that are recurring payments and have a consistent amount due, like a car payment, we enter the dollar value of the bill right in the notes of the calendar task for that bill.  There are some bills, like our local utility bill, that vary month to month, so we can’t put a dollar figure on the note until we have the physical amount due.  But in any case, this has been the best way we’ve found to make sure we cover all of our bases and never miss payments. 

Thanks to Project Money and Summit Credit Union, we’ve been able to decrease the actual number of payments we make in a month, making managing our finances and our payment calendar much easier on the eyes… ANDwe no longer use credit cards, period.  Knowing that our bills are covered and paid on time brings us a little something we like to call peace of mind. 



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Great idea on the Google calendar! It's hard to keep track of everything! We've been late in the past, pre-project money. With Project Money, we have so many less bills - it's amazing and we haven't had late payments = late fees! Check out this link to a side benefit in this arena regarding less bills:

WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Just watched you on NBC 15!!! Savings increase $11k and debt reduction by $27k!!!! INCREDIBLE!!! That is soooo awesome!! Congratulations!!!!!

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