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A Grueling Workout

I like to workout…sometimes.  I’d rather watch the weight just fall off but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remind myself that the pounds didn’t just show up overnight, so they’re not going to go away overnight either.  So my sometimes enjoyment in working out probably isn’t going to get me to the fitness goal I want to achieve.  And so back to the gym I go, dreading those brutal workouts that what will hopefully lead me to my goal.

Here we are 202 days into our 214-day financial fitness journey with Summit Credit Union and we are seeing major results!  Instead of just seeing the numbers drop, like you’d expect when you step on the scale, we’re also seeing the numbers rise.  You see, in following the lead of our coach and the goals of Project Money, not only are we reducing our debt (pounds), but we’re also increasing our savings (muscle)!  Funny concept, huh!?!?  We never thought that we’d be able to do both at the same time and have as much success as we’ve had.

Think about it like this: when you’re working hard at staying fit or even trying to lose weight, common practice is to watch what you eat, put your mind to it, and stay active.  Similar practice is necessary when trying to “shape up” your finances.  We watch what we spend, we consciously have to ask ourselves “is this a want or a need?” and we are continuously reviewing our finances and making smart money choices. 

As much as we’d like to hope that excess pounds (debt) will take care of themselves overnight, we’ve learned that it doesn’t work like that.  We didn’t land in our pre-Project Money financial situation overnight, and we certainly weren’t able to correct it overnight.  But with proper guidance, much diligence and continued support from our friends, family and the staff at Summit, we’ve made huge strides.  The blood, sweat and tears (ok, it’s really not that bad at all J) have provided us with simple rewards that are oh so achievable!  Much like putting on that favorite pair of jeans you’ve been anxiously hoping to fit into again, when you put yourself through the fierce challenge of correcting your financial missteps, it’s the smooth comfort of opening your bank account to see that you owe less and less each month and that you’re slowly building a substantial savings account that is its own award. 

We’ve had our moments where we think “good God is this grueling workout over yet?”  The bottom-line answer is “YES!  It’s more than worth it!”  But in those moments of weakness, we had to quickly remind ourselves that we asked for this (actually we begged, pleaded and prayed for this, really!), that this program has a sincere purpose, and that we have gained SO much by working hard day-in and day-out!  And so the workout continues…for life!  We may only have 12 days left under the eagle-eye of our personal trainer (financial coach) and the team at Summit, but we hope that for months and years to come after this competition, our friends at Summit Credit Union can openly ask us how we are doing since Project Money and we’ll have a true financial “weight loss” success story to share!




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You really put into perspective when you talk about 212 days! WOW! We've lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle - LOVE the parallel!

You counted the days? Wow! Love the analogy of working out to financial control. Keep up the great work. You are now to the stretching and bringing the heart rate down part.

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