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Summit’s Halloween Family Fun Night

We aren’t greatly experienced at entertaining young children, simply because we don’t have kids of our own.  We are learning, though, through our nieces, what it takes to keep a child (or children) entertained.  We also understand how costly some ventures can be.  There are however, a number of things that cost absolutely nothing and provide great entertainment for young and old minds alike!

We met with Coach Chris just over a week ago at Summit’s Waunakee branch.  We wrapped up our meeting and as we walked to the door, a little orange flyer on the counter caught our eye.  Summit Credit Union was hosting a Halloween Family Fun night the evening after Halloween.  Typically we’d look right past things like this because it was clearly geared toward families with children.  This time, however, both Brandon and I said almost simultaneously “Myla would love this!”  Myla is our little almost two-year old niece and would totally dig an evening of kid’s fun!  And just like that, we made plans to take Myla out for an evening, giving her mommy and daddy a little toddler reprieve. 

As we pulled into the driveway at Myla’s house on Friday after work, she was anxiously waiting for us on the front porch.  We bundled her up in her car seat and headed out.  It’s about a 25 minute drive from Prairie du Sac to Waunakee, but that didn’t faze the little one in the back seat.  She talked the whole way there, pointing out landmarks she sees on her daily ride to daycare, singing her latest favorite nursery rhyme, or just chatting with us.  For two people who are used to adult conversation in the car, this was a whole new adventure full of smiles! 

When we arrived at the Waunakee Village Center, where the event was held, Myla was a little out of character, acting shy and unsure of things.  It took all of five minutes for her to warm-up and she was ready to soak in the fun!  She watch a balloon-animal artist make her a butterfly, she played trick-or-treat plinko, tossed ghosts in the gobbling toss game and colored Halloween-themed drawings.  And then she saw it…the bouncy house!  She bounced, giggled, and bounced some more.  We weren’t sure we’d be able to get her out of that thing she was having so much fun!  It was creeping in on her normal bedtime and we wanted to be sure she got to enjoy on last thing before we called it a night.  We were able to get her out of the bouncy house without any tears and we then headed outside for a wagon ride.  She cuddled up next to Brandon and we capped of the night with a nice little ride through the park.

We thought that Myla would definitely crash on the way home, but she didn’t.  She was clearly exhausted but kept her big brown eyes open almost the whole way home.  As soon as we walked in the door, it was as if she’d consumed a pot of coffee!  She was telling Mommy and Daddy all of the things she did and bouncing off the walls, as if she never left the bouncy house!  It was so fun for us to have been able to take this little princess out for some good, old-fashioned fun!  And although the best part of the night was being able to spend quality time with our niece, an added bonus was that it didn’t cost us a penny out of pocket!  Thank you, Summit Credit Union for creating fun, family-oriented, and FREE events like this for your members!





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This event sounds so cool! Summit really does A LOT for the community! WE LOVE SUMMIT! Funny that she walked in the door like she had just drank a pot of coffee - oh to be young again! So glad you were able to take Myla and enjoy the Summit event!!

Glad you had so much fun with the little princess, reminds me of when our girls were little...and speaking as the parent of a 2 yr old-I'm sure her parents appreciated it more than you will ever know!

@Ruth - don't we know it!!! I fully agree...oh and Team Steinmetz - feel free to take mine for a spin too!

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