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Paving the Road for a Sale

SELL.THE.TRUCK. We knew we had to do it.  We had only owned it for just over a year so there was that newness tie that needed to be broken, but it was a significant portion of our debt and monthly payments that we desperately wanted to clean up.  After lots of conversation, we decided that selling the truck was going to be our golden ticket to eliminate more debt.   

Here are some pointers that we found useful when preparing to sell our vehicle:

  • Pricing your vehicle.  Be sure to research value/price before listing.  Often, price is the first thing a buyer looks at and if your vehicle is over-priced, it will get over-looked immediately.  We looked at what other similar vehicles were being listed for and we also sought resource in Kelley Blue Book, NADA and values.
  • Preparing your vehicle.   A dirty vehicle doesn’t say “Look at me! Look at me!”  But when you see the sparkle of a fresh, clean, well-kept car, it somehow says “You want me, you know you do!”  This could be as simple as a good scrub-down in the driveway, both inside the vehicle and out, or it could mean taking it to a professional to have it detailed. 
  • Choose the right advertisement method.  The bottom line is that the vehicle isn’t going to sell itself.  You need to showcase the vehicle and luckily today there are a number of online and social media sites that can aid in this step.,,, Facebook and Craigslist are just a few to mention.  Some of these sites will offer free, short-term advertisement; others do charge a fee but often offer listing perks. 
  • Post/share quality photos.  Take photos after your car is detailed.  Take photos when it’s cloudy rather than sunny so that you don’t create a glare.  Don’t bother sharing blurred or out-of-focus pictures, this doesn’t offer potential buyers the opportunity to see what they really want to see.
  • Place your vehicle.  Location, location, location!  You will likely need to search out a place that is on a very busy, well-traveled street that will exhibit your vehicle and grab the attention of passers-by.   Your driveway is probably not the best spot to park a vehicle if you are really looking to sell.

A year and a half ago, when we sold my 9-year old car, it took all of 2 days and we got more than we were asking for it, so when we decided to sell the truck, we were hopeful the same would happen this time around.  Not so much.  It took more time, advertising, and patience than Brandon and I had anticipated, but we did it!  It’s off our hands and we knocked off a big chunk of our debt when we sold it at the end of October. 





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Great advice! What venue did you end up selling your truck on? I've had really good luck in the past selling vehicles on Craigslist.

We ended up selling it through Craigslist, to a reliable dealer who found our posting! Made is soooo simple on the paperwork and financial exchange end of things. AAAND, we got a really fair price!

That's so awesome! Way to go TEAM STEINMETZ!!!

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