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An EPIC Kind of Week!

By definition, the word epic can mean a number of things.  According to it means heroic; majestic; impressively great.  It is also termed as of unusually great size or extent.  By slang, it can mean spectacular; very impressive; awesome.  Over the past week or so, Team Steinmetz got to experience all of the adjectives above, all while keeping the budget in check.

Brandon’s employer Lycon, Inc., along with an extensive list of other construction trade companies, has played a role in the non-stop growth of the Epic campus in Verona.  In appreciation of all of the work done by the construction crews, Epic opened up its campus today to hundreds of workers and their families.  We were given the opportunity to tour the campus, going from building to building totally in awe of the unique and creative spaces within every inch of the campus.  We were also treated to a special viewing of Despicable Me in the Deep Space Auditorium, a super cool, five-story underground auditorium that seats over 11,400 people!  We enjoyed movie theater popcorn, candy and beverages while we kicked back and watched the Minion invasion.  We had a full afternoon of exploring a truly phenomenal place and enjoying a great movie without ever having to open our wallets!  Thank you Epic for an impressively great, budget-friendly afternoon!

Speaking of Epic, Team Steinmetz has made spectacular headway nearly five months into Project Money!  On Monday we met with Coach Chris and she gave us some “unofficial” figures as to what we’ve saved and what we’ve knocked out of our debt.  In five months, we have made a financial uptick of over $16,000!  Yep, that’s right!  We’ve increased our savings by over $8,000 and we’ve also reduced our debt by that much as well!  Flash back to our very first blog and you’ll recall how we had questioned how figures like this were possible, long before we were picked to be a part of this journey.  Well folks, with an entirely new mindset, an awesome support system and new determination, it is in fact possible.  We are, and will be forever grateful for this EPIC opportunity we’ve been given by Summit Credit Union and can’t wait to see where the next two months and beyond will take us on this financial expedition!


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Team Steinmetz is rockin'!!! I love the term Epic - although in our house it's a word the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's use so my kids use it in the same way! ha ha! And I just found out this past weekend what a minion is from the movie....!!

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