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A New Kind of Bucket List

Most people have one. 

Some have a list a mile long; others keep their list short, sweet, andto the point.   There’s even a movie called The Bucket List, showcasing two terminally-ill men on a mission to accomplish all of the things they’ve ever wanted to do before they die.  We have a bucket list and it happens to be one that is constantly changing and growing.  Since we’ve only been married 13 months, we haven’t been able to check off too many of our items, but as we learn and grown in our relationship, we hope to add to our list and work toward completing our list.

This past week, we met with Coach Chris and we started to really dive into developing our budget.  We analyzed our expenses and our income and then began allocating funds where we needed (and wanted) to. 

In the past, our biggest challenge wasn’t developing a budget, it was sticking to it, so as we worked with Chris, we asked for suggestions on how much to set aside for different needs/wants, how to track those funds and most importantly how to stay on course with that plan. 

Chris suggested we put our money into different “buckets” to help keep our savings categories separate, that way we aren’t just pulling from one pool of money when we’ve already set funds aside for a particular expense.

We weren’t sure how we wanted to handle our buckets, meaning we couldn’t decide if we wanted to keep all of our buckets in a spreadsheet to track our spending or if we wanted actual physical buckets with money set aside in them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  After some deliberation and discussion amongst ourselves and with the guidance of our coach, we’ve decided that our “buckets” are going to be individual savings accounts that we can allocate our budgeted funds to on a weekly basis. 

This meant that we needed a new bucket list, one that wasn’t a list of places or things we wanted to see and do.  Rather, a list that was departmentalized for things we need to and want to save money for.

We devised a list of all of the areas we should be saving for. Some of those areas are ones in which we need to save for, like:

  • Auto expenses
  • Property taxes

Others include things we want to save for like:

  • Travel
  • Gift-giving 

We went into our online banking profile and created 10, yes 10, new savings accounts!  Each week, we’ll sign into our web portal and move funds into the appropriate buckets based on the weekly amount we budgeted for. 

Our goal is that we will use only the money set aside for particular expenses rather than spending above and beyond our budgeted amount.  We hope this prevents us from deviating from the hard, thought-out budget that Chris has helped us formulate.  No going back to the old ways of making a budget and falling off the horse. 

We’ve got our new bucket list and we’re going to fill it up!





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