About Robin and Mike

Robin & Mike

With two teenage daughters hoping to go to college in the not-too-distant future, Robin & Mike were motivated to gain control of their financial situation and make a serious dent in what they called their “mountain of debt.”

Despite successful, long-term careers, Robin & Mike say they stressed about their financial future.  “In the past, we just kept hoping we would get by.  Now, we set goals and track our progress.”

What a difference it’s made!  In addition to reducing their debt by $13,383, they also added $13,351 to their savings.  And they plan to keep going.  “We have a new savings goal of $15,000 and we’d also like to pay off our remaining loans.  We have become proactive in our approach to money instead of reactive, which is awesome.”

Moreover, Robin & Mike say they communicate as a family about their finances and work together to achieve their goals. “This has been a life-changing experience for us!”


Q&A with Robin & Mike: 

What are the key things you learned from your experience in Project Money?

1. How to track our expenses. 

2. How to set-up a budget. 

3. How to look for areas where we could save money.

What’s the best advice you’d give to someone who’s in a similar financial situation to where you were seven months ago? 

Don’t be afraid to get started.  It feels very overwhelming in the beginning, so set some very realistic goals and then work to achieve them.

What do you think were the key factors in your success? 

The support and knowledge of our coach, Jeff McManamy, was probably one of the biggest factors.  The willingness of our family to work together and communicate more often about our finances and our goals was also important.

If you had to do it all over again, is there anything you would do differently/change? 

Not really, but if we could go way back in time we would have started sooner.

How has this experience impacted you/your family? 

It has provided us with a sense of well-being and confidence that we can save money and reduce our debt.  I think it has also given us freedom because we know what we have to spend in our budget – we can still go out to eat, we just need to stay within the budget. 

What was your “aha” moment? 

Once we reached our first savings goal – we were so happy and motivated to keep going.  Just knowing we could reach a goal was a great moment for us.

How has taking control of your finances changed your life? 

We communicate as a family about our finances – we never really did that before.  

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Both kids will be in college – so we would like to be able to help them.  We would also like to work on building a home in the country.

Using one word, describe how you feel about money/your financial situation as a result of your Project Money journey.

This was difficult – we picked more than one word:

Relieved.  Proud.  Confident.  Comfortable.




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