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Beating the Winter Blues with Budgeteering

The fresh blanket of snow is still new and providing lots of fun. Carson loves to play in the snow and could hardly wait to get to our favorite sledding hill. Just as the flakes were finishing up, he got bundled up, ran out to the back yard and flopped on the ground to make a snow angel. Clearly, snow can be a great gift when parents are looking for cheap entertainment! For now, we’ll take advantage of it for as long as possible! But we also know the excitement will wear off sometime before the weather is warm enough for other outdoor entertainment. We always like to have an inexpensive option handy to break the cabin fever when it strikes – usually sometime in late January to early February. You know, when we get that ‘so cold your nose hairs instantly form icicles and fall out’ cold strike that seems to linger around just after you had a hint of warm weather on the way…   

For the past few years, we have treated Carson to an overnight stay at an indoor waterpark hotel in the Dells. There are great deals to be found - especially on weeknights, and that usually works better with our schedules anyway. It’s enough of an escape to feel warm for a little while, and what little boy doesn’t love splashing his parents? (I think we actually have pictures to prove that Brian enjoys it just as much!) Last year, we ran across a deal where we got tickets to an indoor water and amusement park for only $6 per person. We traded the usual overnight stay for two full days and extended the fun! This year, we plan on changing it up a bit and visiting family in Chicago. Carson is excited for the train ride into town and a visit to Sue the T-Rex. All in all, it will be about the same cost as the Dells trip, with a new twist; fun stuff!



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