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Budgeteers in Disguise

Halloween for the budgeteers was a hoot! We saved big on candy by waiting until it was all on sale AND using coupons to stock up for the big day. Costumes were easy on the budget too. Carson decided on going as a Cowboy, after we found some snazzy new boots at St. Vincent’s for $3. We added jeans, a flannel cowboyish shirt, a vest, cowboy hat and bandana we already had at home. Brian helped make a lasso which Carson tied on his belt loop to complete the look. A little creativity went a long way, and the boots have provided even more fun than the 4 cent birthday balloons. Brian was even easier – he wore his usual jeans and flannel shirt, grabbed a paper towel roll and was the Brawny guy. I had a vision early last Sunday morning and turned a dress I had (by adding some 47 cent ribbon and a few things around the house) into a fab Green Bay Packers fairy costume. Each of us was one of kind, for sure! In my book, that’s way better than any overpriced, ready made costume!

I will be heading to a training this week, and have been busily planning ahead to hopefully avoid budget pitfalls while travelling. I have already packed a few snacks and plan to get it all in order before heading out. With my food intolerances, it not only saves on the budget but makes traveling much easier, as I always know I’ll have a snack handy when needed. A fun bonus was that while thrift shopping for Halloween, I found a few great items - for a total of $9.98 - to spruce up my fall work wardrobe! Happy Halloween and Budgeting!



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I agree, home made Halloween costumes are better than the premaid store options.

Planning ahead for snacks and meals is definately the best way to save money.

Keep up the good work!! :D

The Brawny guy, I love it!

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