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Budgeteering Bonanza!

It’s a good thing we had these past few weeks of quietude… this week’s going to be a wild one! All between Monday and Friday, we will:  make a 100+ mile roundtrip for a Project Money video, take Carson’s very first field trip, check out a “new” house with some major acreage, renew CPR certification for work, have a yearly check up with the doctor, have an overnight visit with Brian’s mom – at our (currently messy - yikes!) house, attend a mom’s group meeting (Rachel only) and drop in on another meeting. Oh yeah, and celebrate our 8th anniversary somehow in that mess!

With a little planning, especially in the food department, hopefully we’ll come out budget unscathed. I’m mainly concerned with meal planning partly because of my gluten free requirements. Also, I’m trying to wait until Thursday until I have official grocery money for October to do any more shopping. (See Tweets for meal plan!)

Thanks to a sale at Kmart, we are set with TP. Thankfully; it seems they coordinate their sale timing with our wiping schedule. About every 12 weeks, there’s a big sale on the mega jumbo pack that it takes us about that long to use.  Noting sale prices and schedules, then also using coupons to stock up on essentials saves big bucks. Today, I paid about $5 less than regular price for all that TP, and it will get us through to the next sale! Over the year, that will save us at least $20 or more just on TP. Now, that $20 won’t mean a tropical getaway, but why not save it if possible? When you think about what you use it for, it’s tough to dish out hard earned cash for toilet paper… when you plan ahead to spend the least amount possible, you can wipe a little easier!


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Yikes, you've got a lot going on! I hope you're able to pull it all off and stick to your budget!

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