Who will be the next $10,000 Winner?

Join our Project Money participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit Credit Union financial Coaches


Project Money and Red SHOES

You Can Do It Too! 

Project Money is an example of what we do every day at Summit. You can take charge of your financial situation too! Summit’s financial wellness program, Red SHOES, has all the tools and financial advice you need to stay motivated, take control of your finances and live a healthy financial life.  

Pair up with Summit Credit Union's Red SHOES for:

  • A workbook of specific steps to inspire and guide you
  • An online financial boutique including a powerful tool to track your progress,
  • Options to contact a Summit Red SHOES coach
  • Regular inspirations and videos to add to your money savvy
  • Access for you and 1 guest to exclusive Red SHOES events

Register now or get more information at SummitCreditUnion.com/shoes 




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