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They will announce the winner for Project Money in February, but I think all of us have won already. We have learned how to change our behavior. As stubborn as I was and in complete denial of my debt, I sure needed the seven months to get my head into the game and get into a routine with my money. Shop smart, look for bargains and really wait until I needed something to purchase it.   

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The Big Picture

This past week I went to two orchestra concerts. One was my son's 7th grade viola concert and the other one was my daughter's UW Milwaukee community orchestra concert. Yes, they were very different in sound and skill level. But each orchestra member had the same passion for their instrument and the sound that came out of it.

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Party at Penny’s

In my last blog I mentioned that I was having Bethel Women's Christmas party in my condo common room. Well it's tomorrow (Monday) night. The common room has a really pretty kitchen and a lot of tables and chairs. I am going to bring down some of my own Christmas decorations and decorate on Monday afternoon.
We are going to have appetizers at 6:00 and my friend, Angie is going to bring Wassail. She had it at another Christmas party and she got the recipe. She said it was really tasty. She said it might have been the aroma, because it made the place that she was at smell so good. Angie said that you can put it in a crock pot and let it steep all day with the spices. I can't wait to try it.

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December Challenges

I have some challenges coming up for December with my budget.

My daughter just passed her master's degree testing from UW Milwaukee and so I need to go to her graduation on Dec. 18th. She also has a violin concert with the UW Community Orchestra on Dec. 11th. So two trips to Milwaukee in December will add about another $40.00 to my gas budget.

I am also wondering what to do for a gift for her- whether or not to have a party for her or buy her a gift...I will have to talk to her about that sometime soon. Something that I knew was coming up, but forgot to plan for! Yikes.

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What is Your Spin on Thanksgiving?

I just finished watching another 'sappy' Christmas movie on Lifetime. Since it's the Lifetime Channel, they now call it 'It's a Wonderful Life Channel' until Christmas. Wouldn't it be great if all of our stories played out on the Lifetime Channel and ended up being happy?

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Till Debt Do Us Part

I love watching 'Till Debt Do Us Part' on Saturday nights on Channel 63 at 9:00 pm right after Suzie Orman's show on CNBC. During the middle of this week's show they flashed a website to go on to and get 10 steps of getting out of debt. I went on after the show to see if I could find out something new.

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No More Overdraft Hangovers

I am still a little nervous about the end of the contest. When we are not accountable to anyone except ourselves. I am nervous about going solo again. I know I won't go on a crazy spending spree, but I do need a few things for the condo. Like a rug and some curtains, maybe.

I have realized in the past five months that I have worked so hard on saving and paying off bills that I don't want to go back to the way it was before the contest. It's too fun on this side of getting out of debt land.

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Pretty Darn Cool

Last week in my blog I talked about being on a $300 cash food budget. What I have been realizing is that if I use cash, I am not really worrying about overdrafts or if I wrote in a check or a debit card transaction. It's a new freedom to enjoy and a lot of peace of mind.

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Finding My Rhythm

I'm trying to get a rhythm going with my $300 cash budget for food, clothing and entertainment. Okay, mostly food. I started using cash in September and I took $75.00 at the beginning of each week. I went shopping the first day, but somehow we were always short by the end of the week. I would have a meltdown if we were out of laundry soap or toilet paper. That just didn't work. Then this month I took money only when I needed it. That worked a little better because I still have $43.53 left for this week and enough gas for the week. I think it was because I took a big chunk before the last week and I liked seeing the twenties still in my purse. 

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Gratefulness Journal

I thought that I would wait until the last blog to thank everyone that has helped me through this journey, but there are so many things that people have helped me with or gave me that I don't want to forget one thing. So I thought that I would start early.

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