About Nicky and Troy

“Our tagline: ‘we don’t talk about money, we don’t plan for money,’ is something of the past.”

Nicky & Troy began their Project Money challenge feeling frustrated and overwhelmed from credit card debt and student loan payments from their advanced degrees, in addition to a mortgage, auto loan and the usual household expenditures.  Like many couples, they had different ideas about spending and saving, and had troubles communicating when it came to discussing money matters.

Eager to make some serious changes to their financial situation, Nicky & Troy worked with their coach, Kris Specht, to build a road map they could both embrace and follow together as a team. 

They began taking one day at a time and tracking where their money went.  They also made big changes in their behavior.  Nicky, who loved to shop and was a self-described “hoarder,” eliminated the ease of making unnecessary purchases by cutting up her credit cards – more than 20 in all.  The family also got creative and reduced unnecessary items in their wardrobes and cleaned up the clutter in their household by holding a big garage sale and selling items they no longer needed.

The result?  In addition to reducing their debt by $ 14,410 and increasing their savings by $8,904, Nicky & Troy say they’re in a much better position, not only financially, but also as a family unit. “We spend more wisely and have a large savings account!  The kids are also very conscientious of money.  We’ve slowed things down a lot and have really gotten back-to-the-basics as a family.” 


Q&A with Nicky & Troy:

What are the key things you learned from your experience in Project Money?

We didn’t really know how we were going to be able to change. We didn’t think we had any hope for financial success.  But, alas! All hope was not lost and we were able to make substantial changes.


What’s the best advice you’d give to someone who’s in a similar financial situation to where you were seven months ago? 

  1. Call Summit Credit Union!
  2. Don’t be afraid of changes. 
  3. Try to change. Start with writing down for several weeks where you spend every penny.  That will help you figure out where and what you spend your money on.  Money is not a “financial abyss.” You can figure this out.


What do you think were the key factors in your success? 

Taking one day at a time and tracking the money.  Seeing where our money went and determining what was important and what could be changed.


What was your “aha” moment?

When the contest started, we sat down at our first meeting with Coach Kris and Troy said that he read about the Project Money season four participants & their huge numbers in savings increases and debt reduction.  Troy said he didn’t have a clue how they did that & was certain we’d never be able to do that.  After our first numbers were posted, he realized that we could post numbers that were significant, and we could make changes!


How has taking control of your finances changed your life?

It has simply made us feel really good and very liberated!  There will be financial success for us in the future.  We control the money – the money doesn’t control us.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

All of the credit card debt will be paid off.  We’ll have more in savings than we can even imagine.  And we’ll be on the road to talking about early retirement.

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