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Getting jobs done

We are celebrating the end of Project Money by finishing a long planned project — painting the living room.  When we bought our 1920’s house, we stripped the 1960’s wallpaper.  For the past thirteen years we’ve been living with the resulting bare plaster walls.  But not anymore.  Dave’s dad provided the supplies we didn’t already had (I bought the wall paint two years ago which shows how glacial most of our home remodeling projects move).  He helped patch, sand, prime and put on two finish coats.  Dave’s mom took the kids out for a movie and some shopping so we could focus on our work.  

This past year brought major renovations in our family life and finances.  Last year we were stuck and stressed.  We paid our bills every month but our checking account was essentially a revolving door — money went out just as fast as it came in.  This year, we paid the last 1/4 of our school tuition in December, and we still have money saved up for our other expenses.  

We’ll still have some important jobs left for 2015:

  • meeting with an estate lawyer to straighten out the beneficiary status on all of our accounts;
  • reviewing our retirement investments; and 
  • creating a house game plan that prioritizes which repairs should be done next.

Takeaway for the Week

What is more important than we realized:  For us, change has been about having a team.  We couldn’t have done it without so much support from our friends, family, our coach Sherry, and the rest of the Summit Credit Union team.  Our kids have been amazing participants in this process.  

What’s easy?   Paying less money for gas.   It helps offset the costs of driving the van more during the school year.  If we have extra savings, we’ll apply it to the principal of our van loan.

For more information on Summit Financial Advisor's visit:  https://www.summitcreditunion.com/savingsandinvestments/investments.html

For more information on Summit's auto loans visit: https://www.summitcreditunion.com/loans/auto.html


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