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Using our reward points

We have a pretty tight budget for the holiday, so we are planning our purchases carefully. We are using the rewards points on one of our credit cards to save some money.

We converted 20,000 reward points into $200 in Amazon gift cards. A $50 gift card cost 5,000 points.  If you aren’t saving your reward points for travel upgrades/tickets, converting the points to gift cards could help your budget this holiday season.

We like Amazon gift cards because they don’t have an expiration date or fees, and you can upload the money to your account (so you don’t have to worry about losing the card). We are cautious about which gift cards we buy. Over the years we have certainly lost some money on other store gift cards (ie:  left a balance on a card). We plan to use our Amazon cards to buy gifts, rather than giving the cards as gifts.

Takeaway for the Week
What is more important than we realized: Don’t let the promise of a reward wreck your budget. We use our rewards cards to buy necessities like gas.

What is easier than we thought: Check out the rewards program on your credit card and see if it offers discounts or other benefits that will save you money on planned purchases. We had no idea that we could easily get the equivalent of $200 back. 


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Awesome job on utilizing what you already have! I love loyalty rewards--they are little pleasant surprises that can be a result of everyday expenses.

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