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The Reality of Dreams

We have been talking a lot about dreams lately. In part, because our family lost sight of our dreams. Cancer can make looking into the future a scary thing. But two things have happened-- my health has stabilized, and our family started Project Money. Now the future just looks complicated, not scary.

Louise and I have been talking to each other and the kids about what our family dreams should be. Ellie summed it up saying, "if you don’t have dreams, you don't have anything, because you don't know what to do with your life." So, we've settled on our major dream — traveling to Hawaii to visit family and friends.

Our homework from our coach Sherry was to price out a ten-day Hawaii trip. The airfare from Madison to Honolulu is about $955 for each ticket. Round trip airfare to Hilo on the big island (volcanoes!) is $190 each. We can stay with friends and family there, so we think we can get by with about $1000 for groceries and incidentals. When the tickets are multiplied by five and everything is added, the total is $6725.

We have $500 already saved in our “dreams” sub-account. We’ll add $1000 from the $2500 we earn by participating in Project Money. This means we have $5225 to go. Our current budget allows $95 per month for our dream account, so that means it will take another 55 months or 4½ years. We may be able to cut that time by using reward points on our Summit credit card to pay for some of the airfare costs.

We have a dream, and it will be a reality in 4½ years. That feels awesome. Plus every $95 dollars will get us there one month sooner. When we get extra money, or pay off our car loan, this dream will get closer and closer. That feels even more awesome. And, when we get there, the kids will know how we did it. They can make their dreams a reality, too. That feels the most awesome.

Takeaway for the week

What is more important than we realized: This dream trip is more than we can afford now, but it's not more than we can budget and plan for in the future.

What is easier than we thought: Family consensus — none of us has ever been to Hawaii but it is the clear choice for everyone in the family. Having a family meeting to discuss goals, do research on prices and add up the numbers is a great way to get everyone involved.


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What an awesome reward! Way to go!

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