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Remembering What Really Matters

As I was driving to my parent’s this weekend, I passed a company who had a sign displayed with the message, “kindness begets kindness.”  This message ended up ringing so true this weekend and I wanted to share it with you.  

Yes, money is important; there’s no denying that fact.  These last few months have challenged me to focus on my budget, financial goals, spending habits, and strategies for eliminating debt.  But our relationships and kindness shown towards others is what matters most.

On Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call from a friend who had just gotten some devastating news and needed someone to be with her.  Without hesitation, I left my parent’s and drove to spend time with her.  Yes, it required me spending a lot more on gas this weekend than expected.  And, yes, we ended up going out to dinner to get out of the house and focus on something else.  But, was it worth it?  Absolutely.  I care more about her than $50.

Aside from this event, this past week has been very joyful and required almost no spending (aside from some groceries).  My friends and I had a Sunday Night Dinner, where we each brought a small dish and spent the evening enjoying good food and each other’s company.  I mentioned last week that I received $30 in Kohl’s cash for an issue that occurred and I was able to use them to “purchase” a holiday dress for $1.65.  Tomorrow, I am fortunate enough to have the day off and I’ll be taking my cat in for grooming (he gets a haircut twice a year); every sixth groom is free and tomorrow is his sixth!  And, next weekend, I am coordinating a volunteer event at a local homeless shelter; my goal this week is to figure out a low-cost craft to share with the residents.


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Relationships with people are WAY more important than money :)

Katie, well said. Glad you were there for your friend when she needed you. Paper airplanes are loads of fun if there are any kids at the shelter. There are great web sites for kirigami, cut paper art where they show how to make circle chains of people holding hands, flowers, etc.

I ended up collecting t-shirts and teaching the women how to make t-shirt scarves! And...Didn't spend a dime!

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