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Decorating on a Budget

Anyone who's seen my house knows that I like to decorate, but also like do so as cheaply as possible. When considering what I wanted to focus on in my 6th Project Money video blog, I looked around my house and realized the answer, literally, surrounded me.  While I have a few pieces that were more expensive and have invested in some higher quality bedroom furniture, most of my decorations and furniture are hand-me-downs that I've received from family or items that I've purchased at resale shops or rummages.  I like to think of them as diamonds in the rough!  After a little TLC, such as cleaning, staining, or painting, many of these items look brand new! 

Check out this month's video blog to see some of the projects I've completed: http://youtu.be/g464Xb-3XtA

Pinterest.com is a great website to get ideas; I also love Houzz.com.  I've also mentioned in a previous blog that I am a member of a number of local Facebook rummage pages.  While I haven't purchased any furniture yet off these sites, I do get ideas from some of the postings and you can get some very affordable pieces that can be refinished.


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