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Update on My No-Spend September

My no-spend September continues to be going well, although I broke the rules three times this week and spent a total of $16.73!  I mentioned a few blogs ago that I've sold some items on Facebook.  Well, a coworker of mine is also on one particular site and has posted two items that are going to be perfect Christmas presents for my niece; those purchases constituted $16 of them $16.73.  The 73 cents came from a Dunkin Donuts purchase; I was have a rough day and I REALLY wanted an iced coffee.  I had a coupon for a free donut and some money off the purchase, so I decided to "splurge" for 73 cents.

This weekend was fun-filled and very easy on the wallet; it was Doors Open Milwaukee weekend!  This is a two-day event across the city when doors to many local businesses and historical buildings are opened to the public to get a "behind-the-scenes" look at the architecture and history of the building.  I spent both Saturday and Sunday touring some very neat places!  I had the opportunity to see: an old schoolhouse, the Central Library, the top of the US Bank building, the revolving floor of the Hilton, the renovated Pritzlaff building, and the top of the Gas Light building.  I also got to listen to a lecture on the history of Milwaukee by John Gurda, a local historian.  The best part about the whole weekend?  Everything was FREE!


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So glad you went to Doors Open and had a good time. We went last year. As for your lecturer, that's the father of a close friend! What a small world, eh?

Katie, awesome job on your no spending month. The architecture tours sound like a lot of fun.

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