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No-Spend September

This month, two friends of mine and I are doing a no-spend September, following the "31 days of Living Well and Spending Zero" plan laid out on the Living Well, Spending Less website.  So far, I've only bought a tank of gas besides paying my bills!

 The rule is relatively simple: no spending money on anything other than absolute essentials.  But, the point isn't just to spend nothing.  I really like what the author wrote in her introduction, so rather than paraphrasing, I want to share her goal in creating this plan: "this month is not just about spending ZERO, although that will be our main goal.  It will also be about living WELL while we do it.  It will be about finding out just how much we already have and how little more we really need.  And hopefully, by the end of them month, my definition of “living well” will also be yours:  A life rich with faith, family, friends, & creativity, secure in the idea that a life well lived has nothing to do with what we have but who we are."

Week 1:  One of the first tasks you're asked to complete is an inventory of your pantry, fridge and freezer so that you know what you have on hand and can create a list of meal options using the ingredients you already have.  I forgot I had a box of couscous and I made that the other night and enjoyed it over a salad (made from greens and cucumbers from my garden); yum!

Another task is to learn something new. This week, I've learned two new things- how to harness the power of vinegar and baking soda and how to use all the tomatoes in my garden!  I've only used vinegar and baking soda to make volcano eruptions before; but do you know that it unclogs drains very well and removes pet odors?     I also have an abundance of tomatoes in my garden.  I decided to learn how to peel them (score and boil them for one minute) and make homemade spaghetti sauce.  In turn, this will allow me to accomplish another part of the plan- sharing meals with others!  I'll be sharing the sauce with the two friends who are doing the challenge with me.  They also will each receive some fresh tomatoes from my garden!  (I'll also be bringing my wealth of tomatoes to share with friends at a party and my coworkers at school). 



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Wow! What an awesome challenge to take on for the entire month of September, Katie. Kudos to you!

Great idea Katie. We may need to steal this idea in October... Good luck!

Katie, what a great exercise in consciously living well. We look forward to hearing more about your challenge during the month.

Actually, the author originally intended this to be a challenge for October (hence why it's written for 31 days), so you should definitely try it! So far, so good. I had to spend $7 over the weekend for milk and coffee and need to buy some fresh fruit/veggies soon.

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