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Updating your wardrobe without spending any money!

For nearly my entire life, I have considered time and dates relative to an academic calendar.  I live semester to semester and have developed habits that correspond to the school year.  For instance, I have grown accustomed to purchasing clothing only during certain times of the year, most notably the beginning of the school year; I'm sure many parents can relate!  Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember going on shopping trips to purchase new shoes, jeans, and a special first day outfit.  Even as I moved into my professional career, it was not uncommon that I would purchase a few new pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe at the beginning of the school year. 

Over the past year, though, I have actually bought very few new items and, to be honest, it's been relatively refreshing realizing that I don't need to purchase new items and that I can be creative in making older items look new by pairing them in new combinations.

I have also been fortunate to be able to update my wardrobe by participating in clothes swaps with friends and family.  This past weekend, in fact, my sister gave me a bag of clothing that no longer fit or that she was no longer interested in wearing.  I brought this to a dinner party and my friends and I sorted through the clothes and each selected a few items.

The idea of a clothes swap (also known as a "Naked Lady Party" amongst my friends) is something that we started doing a few years ago: with each season, we'd go through our closets and remove items that we no longer wanted and then bring them to a swap.  Any clothes left over get donated to a local charity.  It's a great way to update your closet without spending any money!  


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Have you ever been to UpShift? You take a bag of clothes and pay an exchange fee and leave with a bag of clothes from the store. UpShift also hosts special events where the fees are reduced or waived. Check them out on facebook! AMAZING!!!

How fun...this is a great idea, Katie! I have used Plato's Closet (national chain), and most recently am trying thredUP.com as a means of cleaning out my closet and selling my clothes for some extra cash.

Hair and clothes cost so much money for working women. This is a great topic to share. I hadn't heard of UpShift - thanks for sharing it. I've stopped buying clothes that are dry clean only. We get a lot of hand-me-down clothes for the kids, and we give a lot of hand-me-down clothes. I make sure they're clean and nicely folded before I store them in extra large ziplock bags

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