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A Project Money Blooper: Don’t Try This At Home

It’s always good to not take ourselves too seriously, so I figure it would be good to share my Project Money blooper of the week.  Hopefully, no one else will have to learn the hard way about what not to do when trying to save money!

I have been reading a lot about minimalism this summer and shifting my focus away from wants, materialism, and “keeping up with the Jones’.”  This also means trying to eliminate waste and excess.  In doing so, I’ve been watching the amount of food I throw away and have been trying to use up all meals.  Unfortunately, this week I tried to use up all the food from a party last weekend by eating it for a few lunches this week.  Lo and behold, I gave myself a bit of food poisoning because I left the food out too long and also let it sit in the fridge for longer than recommended.  I’ve never had food poisoning before, so I find it pretty funny that the one time I try to “push the boundaries,” I got sick! Note to self: don’t try to extend shelf-life at risk of health; instead, freeze unused food and follow food storage guidelines.

For anyone that’s wondering about shelf-life, here’s the low-down: http://www.stilltasty.com/ [According to this website, the shelf-life of cooked chicken is 3-4 days and it’s recommended that it gets thrown away after sitting out for two hours.  The chicken I ate had been sitting out for about 3 hours at the party and I ate it on the 7th day.  Oops!  I also ate some avocado that was about 6 days old (but smelled fine!); recommended time on that fruit is 2-3 days.]  Needless to say, I’ve learned my lesson!  


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That sounds really gross - but I understand your need to eat food and not toss. Good lesson learned! I'm thinking you can save in other ways :)

Oh no. That's sucks. Or should I say "blows"? :) Glad you're feeling better again!

Food poisoning is no fun...Glad you're feeling better :)

Bummers. That's a tough lesson to learn. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Hahaha. Yes, I've learned my lesson, but also find my blooper pretty funny and can laugh at extreme frugalness.

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