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The Last Words.

Rich. Poor. Wealthy. Low-income. High-class. Trailer Park. Homeless. Millionaire. 1%.  99%. Educated. GED. Dropout. Spare a dime. First home. Second home. Tax breaks. Welfare. Debt-free. Food stamps.

Words are very powerful. Each one of them has a meaning behind them that can be real or perceived. They can be dangerous. They can be supportive. They can be inspirational.  They can hurt. They can be strong. They mean things that we may not want them to mean. We use hundreds of them everyday. To express a feeling. To make a point. They are hurled. They are strategic. They are wise. They are cutting. We speak them. We write them. We wish we could take them back. We wish we said more. We use them in everything we do. 

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The Holidays and More…

I don’t know why but I’m just not getting into the holiday spirit this year. It might be the fact that I’m working in retail for the first time and am surrounded by lights, and songs, and people spending lots of money on gifts. Or maybe it’s the fact that my family decided not to do our traditional holiday celebration this year, which always takes place on Christmas Eve. Or it could be that we still haven’t had a major snowfall this year and it was a mere three or four days ago when it was almost 50 degrees.

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Reflections on Perfection

When I was younger I grew up believing that one day I would achieve perfection…I would have the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect relationship, and the perfect amount of money. Little did I know that perfect is near impossible to achieve. It’s a state of being that we all define differently. One of the many things I’ve gained, as I get older is wisdom, and in that wisdom, I’ve learned that it’s not possible to truly reach perfection. There’s a lot within my life that I’d like to improve upon. I guess I’d be a super arrogant person if I thought my life was perfect!! We’ve all met those people!!

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Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just don’t know what to write for my weekly blog so this week I’m going to share a series of random thoughts by Jen Jones!!

It’s strange to see yourself on a billboard on the highway.  Even though people are driving too fast to even notice who or what is on the billboard. I always wondered what it would be like to be famous and see your face all over magazines, on billboards and TV. I’m sure they get used to it after a while – I have!!

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Life Plan…

As I sit here with my cup of coffee and contemplate what to accomplish on my day off, my mind directs itself towards creating a list of priorities. Typically, when I begin each day, whether at work or not, I tend to write down all of the things that I hope to get done. Usually, I flash through the next several days on my calendar to remind myself what items have deadlines so I can complete those first. It always seems, at least lately that my lists get longer and the days get shorter and I end up only accomplishing a few items on my list.  

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Holiday Spending

Every year, when the holidays would roll around, I used to think that I had to purchase the best, most expensive items. I grew up in a family where the holidays were a very special time of year. When I was old enough to start buying presents for those dear to me, I felt it was important to buy only the best. Money was really only an afterthought – and not because I had loads of it to spend, quite the contrary, I just never realized that I should only spend within my means. I would buy TVs and the latest toys and gadgets and the top brands in clothes. I must say I really enjoyed watching my loved ones faces when they opened a gift from me. Cause I always tried to buy the coolest items!!

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Growing Old…

Writing a blog every week for seven months can be a struggle. Particularly in figuring out what to write. There’s only so much one can write about money. So, I’ve tended, in the past several blogs to write about life in general. And despite writing a blog about death two weeks ago, I’m going to write about it again because this story really altered my perspective about growing old. 

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Keep on Driving…

I was driving to work the other day and I thought about just driving on by. Not to anywhere specific just somewhere that wasn’t work. There has been many times lately where I wonder what it would be like to completely withdraw from life…no responsibilities, no work, no bills, no budget…just surviving. There’s certainly something to be said for the simple life (though I imagine even the simple life has its drawbacks!!). 

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Life and Love and Loss

I read this heart wrenching and powerful story this week in the New York Times Health section that made me think about life and love and loss.

Her son has a very rare disease and all the medical professionals believe he won’t live to age three. The disease basically paralyzes him so it’s a slow and painful death. She lives each day with a profound love for this little boy who has come into her world. She allows him to do what he wishes, eat what he wants, and cherishes everything he brings to this world. Can you imagine if we all lived our lives in this way with every person who touches our worlds?

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I wrote in a blog several weeks ago about the American Dream. A key theme of the American Dream (or at least what folks think it is) is that the next generation will be better off than their parents. Meaning I will earn more than my parents and my nieces and nephews will earn more than me.

I’m quite sure I earn more than my parents and my 24-year-old nephew is pretty close to earning more than I do, but does that mean we’ve achieved the American Dream? Part of why my nephew and I are better off is because we both went to college and neither of my parents did, nor did my sister. So, our earning power and capacity should be greater because we have more education.

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