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Save it...Sell it...Grow it...Fix it!

Big steps this week! Thanks to Scott, we’ve set some savings goals and looked at our bank balances, deciding to pay off another card. Scott’s helping us prioritize our spending goals and develop tools to work towards saving the amount we’ll need when those events come around. We decided to sell our Chrysler Pacifica even though we love it, but we have two serviceable vehicles, so we made the decision to let this one go – eliminating 30 more months of car payments! We even know the new owners, so we know it’s going to a good home.

We’re still holding down grocery costs by eating veggies from the garden and venison from the freezer. Why is it that I bought 3 dollar pints of cherry tomatoes all winter long because the kids couldn’t get enough of them, and now that we have an abundance of them in our garden, they don’t eat them anymore???

We spent $80.00 on trampoline parts to fix the pieces that got bent up in the storms last year. Considering the family has been tumbling and jumping on it every single evening since we set it up, it’s a great investment.


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Way to continue with your good spending habits! It can be hard to give up a car you really love but this was clearly a smart choice for you.

You guys are doing a great job! You're thinking outside of the box and look at the long term goals. Keep up the great work!

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