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What Can We Say That Isn’t Cliché?

“It went so fast”, “We can’t believe it’s almost over”, “This has been a HUGE change in our lives”, “It was hard but completely worth it”, “We are so grateful for the opportunity” “We hope we win the $10,000 but in reality - we’ve already won”, “Our coach ROCKED!” They all sound cliché but they are all so true.

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Crazy Week

It has been extremely busy around the Robertson Household! Normal life is fast-paced with us but this last week was one of the craziest! At my work (Sheila is writing this week) we offered a special through Living Social for our group classes. It took a lot of prep to pull it off and then when we went ‘live’ it was a lot of calls, e-mails and follow up to help potential clients get started. We still have 2 more days that we will offer if through our center – so we will know by this Wednesday how many new clients we will have and how many group class sessions we will be offering. So, that kept me on my toes (AND biting my nails…) this last week.

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The Robertson's are Just Beginning

The year is winding down. My landscaping season came to a halt this week. Project Money is almost over. Although these things are ending, the Robertson's are just beginning. At the beginning of the year we had hit several roadblocks. Financially we were stuck in a rut. We didn't have any money to do anything fun, couldn't keep up with home or auto repairs, and Sheila and I didn't feel like we could afford buying presents for each other for Christmas.

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Getting Crazy

Things are getting crazy around the Robertson house hold! We have TONS going on!

The first is getting ready for our final meeting with Jenna during Project Money. WHAT!?!? Can you believe it? Sometimes we feel like we’ve have made huge changes in our spending, saving and overall view on money and other times we feel like we are crawling along to meet our goals. Some things we are doing feel like second nature and others are still a struggle most days. We have a lot of concerns about ‘Going It Alone’ after P.M. is over. They hyper-super accountability has really made us work hard and behave. I hope we can keep it up after December 31st! So, we will round up our bills, paystubs, receipts, goals and check list the last (official) time next week.

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There are so many things to be thankful for! It has been a wonderful weekend of reflection and appreciation. In life it is easy to get wrapped up in what you don’t have or keeping up with the ‘Joneses’ so it was great to have some time together and time to think of all of our many blessings. We have our health and more than that we have energy and wellness – we are grateful for that. We have each other and we had time this weekend to play, catch up, hang out and generally enjoy each other. We have our families who love us, support us and are fun to be with. I (Sheila) have not seen my family as much as I would like lately, so this weekend it was great to see most of the ‘Haines’ clan. I loved playing Euchre with my Mom, Brother and Nephew. I also loved playing a killer game of ‘Spoons’ with the gang. We are grateful to have our work that is fulfilling.

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Charging Ahead Full Steam

Only 6 weeks left! From one standpoint it feels like Project Money would never end. The blogs, the videos, the facebooking, the financial coach meetings, the interviews. From another standpoint it feels like we are just getting started. The debt reduction, the savings for vacation, and our long-term savings plans (retirement, college). 

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Hodge Podge and Mix n’ Match

This blog is a “Little bit of this and a little bit of that” as my friend Dylan says.

First up, we had our meeting with Jenna. It is really great to have an accountability partner and coach. She is able to cheer us up and cheer us on when we are feeling stuck. She helps us see the big picture – even when we are stuck in the day to day grind. It is really easy to get swept up into negative thinking and slowly slide back into old (comfortable) patterns.

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Keep On, Keep On Saving

Halloween marks the end of month five. Two months left in Project Money. We have a kiddie Halloween party every year - hayride, pumpkin carving, games, crafts, and food. It’s a fun time but lots of work. This year Jenna helped us set a budget of $200 to spend on the party. We would have stayed within the budget except we decided to rent a port a potty. Last year we had 50 people at our house and only one bathroom. There was a line down the hallway all afternoon. Even though we didn’t have as many people this year it was still nice to have a little relief for our septic system. 

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Billing Warrior

My goal is to keep my cool writing this blog. When it comes to health insurance, my vocabulary usually breaks down to four letter words. Used often and loudly. I have had such issues dealing with health insurance, billing and errors through the years that the second there is any issue – I get frustrated (read….irate) very quickly.

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The End is Just the Beginning

I’ve recently blogged about how we’ve done so far in Project Money and what we’ve done to get there and how we’ve done it. Up until now we have put all our additional money in savings. This month our coach Jenna has us shifting gears and start paying off debt. I just put an extra $100 on our consolidation loan we took out to pay off our credit card and dental bills. It’s a start but we have a long way to go.

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