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Online Financial Support Group for Women of Color

As we round out the last couple of weeks of Project Money, I am thankful not only for the opportunity to accomplish some of my financial goals but also for all the many opportunities that have come as a result of this platform. I have spoken about my journey so much so--there isn't a day that goes by that at least once I am not asked how everything is going. This discussion include words of encouragement, questions about the program, and insight or solicitation of advice from that particular individual's own journey. Back in August, I was approached by a young lady who had recently moved to Madison from the East Coast. We instantly connected on our affiliation to Virginia and some of the mutual friends that attended the same universities.

My new found friend, invited me to coffee one random Saturday evening at Starbucks (no I didn't buy anything!) to discuss an idea that she thought I would be interested in, given my involvement with Summit Credit Union and Project Money. We talked about where we are in terms of becoming debt-free, what it would take to get there, and what resources we have and wished we had. We talked and talked and TALKED---for about 2 hours. After all of this, she informed me that she was looking to start an online financial community group, with an emphasis on women of color, to support each other on their(our) individual journeys of becoming debt-free.  

Since that initial conversation, there have been 2 other ladies that have been involved to transform an idea into a reality. All of us speak from the perspective of being a young black woman ranging from our latter 20’s to early 30’s, all in different stages of life and careers including a Mom and Physician, A Graduate Student, Senior Researcher and myself. I am SO very proud to be apart of such a dynamic group--knowing that financial independence is something beyond our own individual struggles. If our stories can help just one other young lady knowing that she is not alone--then we have accomplished something in this lifetime.

This initial investment to start this group has been minimal--with me contributing about $30 overall to get a few things in line as we develop the group, website, and resources.  This opportunity is a direct result of my involvement with Project Money. Without Summit Credit Union, I would not have had the platform or the opportunity to candidly discuss my journey on becoming financially well.

We are looking to launch our group in January 2015, and I couldn't be more excited to continue this journey with 3 other dynamic women. Stay tuned...


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Awesome! Way to go!!

It's nice to see you paying it forward. :)

Congrats! I look forward to seeing this!

Connie, that sounds really cool. What a great way to build on what you've learned and keep sharing it. Good luck!

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