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Closing a Chapter

At the beginning of Project Money, I promised myself that I would do everything that I possibly could to make my financial situation better than it was before. I promised myself that through sacrifice I would achieve the personal goals that I set in place. It was at the beginning of Project Money that I decided to take on another job that would help me rapidly save towards my aggressive goals. It is after 6 months, after juggling committee obligations, volunteer events, after-work events, a full-time job--that I have decided to leave my part time position.

This experience has been a positive one. The management team has been nothing short of great. They have been flexible with all of my other commitments and understood my goals in maintaining my position with them. So much so—when I decided to take advantage of my 40% holiday discount and other promotional deals this past week for Black Friday, they could hardly believe I was buying anything. On a bright note, I was able to get some “thank you” and Christmas gifts for a few people on my list—as well as a necklace I had been eyeing for some time. After this, I can honestly tell myself, “Connie, you deserve it!”

So, I will be completing my 6 months of working at Charming Charlie, with my last day being Dec. 6th . I have been able to save a little under $3000 just from working this part time job alone. I think this was time well spent and something that I look back on, and realize that it wasn’t easy—but I never expected it to be. 


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Congrats on saving so much! It's probably nice to not have to worry about the second job over the holidays, especially with your travel plans!

Connie, you are amazing and your extra work and savings have really paid off. Your ability to set goals and your drive to achieve them is such a strength and inspiring. I can't imagine the energy it took to work a full day and then head out for more hours at your 2nd job. You deserve a really long vacation.

Good for you Connie! Working a 2nd job on top of a full-time job (plus other responsibilities) can be exhausting, right? I'm starting to feel it now that I have a second client. I don't volunteer, but some of my spare time is spent with friends and every semester I take a class at MATC for my substance abuse counseling license. I feel you when thinking about how good it will be to have a break and enjoy more free time. I'm so looking forward to winter break! What I think is important is that you realized that the 2nd job only had to be temporary. Burning the candle at both ends is not healthy for extended periods of time...

Thanks, all! I am really happy to get some time in my day/schedule back. I look forward to vacation at the end of the month. I think we can all relate to doing some extra "work" or tasks throughout this challenge that will help us in the long run. Kudos all around.

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