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Let’s Get Fiscal!

Throughout the last 5 months of Project Money, I have grown in the sense of what I am willing to splurge on and what I realize it not worth my money. This journey has “shaped” my thoughts and choices in ways that I didn’t know it would. Here are a few things I learned about myself so far:

  1. I  will never buy brand name toilet paper or paper towels again. The Dollar Store or the generic brand at Walgreens have saved me upwards of $5-10 each time with needing to purchase these items. Bye, bye Charmain and Bounty.
  2. I will never buy shaving cream ever again; I use coconut oil as a substitute and it is AMAZING! Coconut oil also has many additional uses: Click here
  3. I will always shop laundry detergent with coupons. What I’ve found is that if you’re strategic on where you buy the detergent from and when they go on sale, you can save A LOT of money. I bought detergent for the first time since this past August after getting 4 bottles for $10 at Walgreens using coupons and capitalizing on a $5/per bottle sale.
  4. If it is appropriate, split birthday, wedding, congratulatory gifts, etc. amongst friends; the recipient will get a more significant gift and it will be kinder to your wallet in the long run.
  5. Always Go Generic. Target and Dollar store: Bodywash, soap, qtips, etc. Qtips were my last item that I converted to generic. I don’t know what it was about the Qtip brand but I am happy to report the Target qtips clean my ears just as well, saving me $3.50 on that one box.
  6. I will go out of my way for a sale, and I look for the best deal everywhere. Never thought I would consider buying toiletries at the grocery store but if it’s cheaper I will!
  7. I will not buy drug store foundation--sorry, Covergirl, Revlon, etc. I tried it and I looked like a blotchy mess. I will however use drugstore brands for mascara, liner, and eyeshadows.
  8. Dove deodorant has never failed me. Yes, it is probably one of the more expensive of the deodorant brands but I like it the best. Ironically after looking through the Copp’s circular--I saw they had 2packs of Dove deodorant for $4, which is usually the price of 1!

I understand that while on your journey to financial freedom you still have to live your life. There will still be weddings, you will still have financial emergencies and you will always have to make choices between needs vs. wants. Just make those choices don’t compromise your well being but they don’t hurt your wallet either.



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One tip: Menards has the best price in laundry detergent - and even cheaper when it's on sale!

I agree, Nicky! I've found a lot of good deals at Mendards. Recently, I bought Pantene shampoo 2/$6 on sale and was able to use a coupon for another $1.50 off.

Connie, I agree that generic is the way to go on most items. And good suggestion on the coconut oil!

coconut oil eh? I'll have to look into that. thanks!

I will have to check Menards out! I've been buying my laundry detergent from Walgreens as of late. As a single gal, I can survive off of 1 bag of Tide Tablets or 1 bottle for 1-1.5 months. :)

And yes, coconut is my best friend!

These are awesome tips. Another thing to keep in mind about high efficiency laundry detergent is that very little is needed if you have a front loading washing machine. We use the following guidelines per load of laundry: 2 Tbsp for HE, 1 Tbsp for HE 2x, and 1 tsp for HE 3x. It is better for the life of the washing machine (less soap residue) and better for clothes/skin (less soap residue) and way cheaper. Our bottle of All Clear HE 2x lasts a long time -- and our piles of laundry are big.

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