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It all Adds Up!

If there’s anything that I learned, it’s that money adds up. I have learned not to look at the individual increments but think about how much those amounts add up over time. This week I received three different payouts from various activities:

With my job, I periodically have clients from out of town come to visit Madison. With showcasing all that our beautiful city has to offer, I drive my car and tour them to various facilities and attractions that are of interest to them and their respective groups. My employer reimburses a percentage of the mileage used for these client appointments. I submit the miles driven during that time period for approval and I receive a reimbursement check. So, as a result of a site visit earlier this month, I was reimbursed $25.17 for miles and gas.

Secondly, I received a $25 Good Health Bonus reward check from Physicians Plus insurance for completing the “My Healthy Choices Succeed” health assessment. Many insurance companies have like programs that incentivize families for promoting healthy lifestyles. Jason and Andrea were able to cash in on some "easy money" through their insurance company this past summer. Additionally with my assessment, I have the opportunity to earn an extra $75 with completing 30-,90-, and 180-day follow-up on-line surveys.  

Lastly, Summit Credit Union has implemented this very cool “ Cash Boomerang” program, where SCU give customers cash back for investing and entrusting Summit with their money. Essentially the more you save and borrow with summit, the more cash you could get back each November through this program. As a result, I received $14.03. I was able to immediately redeem that award and deposit it directly into my savings account. (Thank you Summit!)

With the additional $50 in checks, I plan to put that towards my car loan, as my focus will begin to aggressively focus on paying towards that balance. This will allow the total $425 to go directly to the principal balance of the loan, and $50 to cover the interest for the month. So all in all, the extra $64 I received this month, may be just a drop in the bucket in terms of payment—but it certainly is helping me get a tad bit closer to my goal. 


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We did the Boomerang thing too! Had you heard of it before? I totally don't remember this program. I wonder if we tossed it out in the past thinking it was just advertising junk.

I didn't get a boomerang since I'm a new member :( But, congrats to both of you! This year, I've tried to take advantage of state vehicles as much as possible for travel, but a few weeks ago I had to go pretty far upnorth and, given the uncertainty of Wisconsin weather, I wanted to drive my own car. It's nice to have the option for reimbursement, but it certainly throws a wrench in the budget since (at least for me) it usually takes a few weeks to process the reimbursement.

Andrea--I believe this was a new program. I have been a member of Summit for a few years, and this was my first time receiving it. Katie--I hear you on travel and taking advantage of reimbursement, because I work for a small organization luckily the turnaround is not that long.

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