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Cash Corner with Connie

Jokingly, in one of my first few conversations with my coach, Kelly, I talked about “Cash Corner with Connie”. The purpose of “Cash Corner with Connie” is an open-forum event where I have the opportunity to candidly discuss my wins, struggles, and changes I have made thus far in my journey with Project Money. This also gives me the opportunity to engage with friends who are embarking on the journey of reducing their debt and increasing their savings as well. This 2-hour session gives us the opportunity to ask questions of each other, and offer advice on different financial situations or tips and tricks we have implemented in each of our lives. I chose to host these events every other month as an update to what I am experiencing. I started talking to my friends about possibly hosting such an event; and they were all on board with the idea. I couldn’t have been more excited!

The 1st ‘Cash Corner’ event was held in June across the street at the Fitchburg Library in their 2nd floor conference room. We discussed the details about Project Money and what was required of me as a contestant. I also discussed what my coach and I coined as short term goals within the contest regarding refinancing my car and paying off my credit card.

This month, I hosted the event at my apartment. We discussed some of the behavioral changes I’ve made, the avenues of saving money on electricity, cooking for 1-2 people, and selling your seasonal clothes for extra money. My friends also had the opportunity to ask me any questions regarding the process and ah-ha moments. Everyone went home with some Summit Credit Union “swag” (Thanks, Emily :)!) as well as some MG&E information regarding saving money on your electricity bill.

I asked everyone to contribute either wine, a snack, and/or food to share with the group. I contributed pizza from Roman Candle ($28) for the 7 of us; this was not only a means of feeding the group because it did occur around dinner time (6-8pm); but it was also a thank you because at some point in time EACH of these ladies have either invited me over for dinner or indirectly and sometimes, directly helped me to save money in some form or fashion.

It was a great way to spend my Friday night with friends who have like-minded goals of being financially healthy. The next event will occur in October, where my new coach Emily will be attending as well. I will anticipate that to be a healthy conversation as the group continues to grow.



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Great idea!! LOVE THIS!! What's amazing about Project Money is that EVERYONE has money issues - and people ARE NOT comfortable discussing them at all - and PM breaks down these barriers!! I've made more friends and made some friendship bonds even stronger talking about PM and our money issues!!

Thanks, Nicky!! My friends are awesome, and I really appreciate them beyond words. Money is such a sensitive topic, and I believe it allows people to engage in true honest friendships/relationships. If I say I can't go because I don't have the budget for that...they understand, and support my decision to take a rain check on that outing or say, you're right--I probably should make something at home as well. It has truly made it a little easier through this trying process.

Connie, what a great idea. I love how you have pulled together this regular event with friends.

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