About Coach Sherry Johnson

In her spare time: “I love going to music concerts! Country music is my favorite, but I do listen to all types. My all-time favorite singer is Tim McGraw. I’ve seen him at least 15 times, including the time I won front row tickets. 

I also enjoy traveling with my family. We’ve been to New York, Florida, Myrtle Beach, Baltimore, Canada, Buffalo, Washington D.C., Punta Cana, Ohio, Memphis, Las Vegas and Cancun (just to name a few). My favorite family trip was to Niagara Falls. It was priceless to see my family’s reaction when we saw the Falls up close and personal.” 

Super-hero power she’d like to have: “To be invisible, so I could watch people and figure out what they are challenged with and where I could better assist them… Plus, it would be cool!”

What’s your favorite movie: Toss-up between ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’.

Favorite childhood TV show:  “I loved to watch ‘Give Me a Break’ and ‘Different Strokes’.”

First paying job: “Other than babysitting at age 12, I worked at ‘Abe’s on Lincoln,’ a fast-food place in Morton Grove, IL. I made food (including a great pizza puff!), cashiered and cleaned up at end of night.”

Best financial tip: “Track spending for at least three weeks to see where the money is going and make adjustments accordingly.”

On helping others become financially successful: “I feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m able to help people see light at the end of the tunnel. Summit has invested in me to help educate people on how to have healthier finances and reach their dreams.” 

What interesting item she keeps in her wallet: “I just looked…Nothing! I have pictures of my kids, nephew, Godsons and dogs.”

Quirkiest habit: “I like to talk about several things at the same time!”

What she’d do with $10K: “Go to Ireland! (dream vacation)”

Favorite quote: Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got. ~ Janis Joplin

Sherry is excited to help Loiuse and David get closer to their financial dreams.

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