About Coach Emily Merk

About Emily:  “I have been married to my wonderful husband Kevin for eight years.  We have two children:  Ashlyn, age three, and Bryson, who’s six months old.  They sure keep us on our toes!”   

In her spare time: Camping with her family and spending time with her folks and in-laws at the lake.  “There’s nothing better than a summer afternoon on the boat!”

What super-hero power she’d like to have:   Super-mom powers. “I would love to be able to come home from work and still have time to make dinner, play with the kids, go for a walk, do baths/brush teeth, read stories, get the kids to bed and have some time to spend in peace and quiet with my hubby.  That would be amazing!”

Favorite movie:  “A classic I can watch with the kids, like All Dogs go to Heaven.”

Favorite childhood TV show: Saved by the Bell.

First paying job:  “I worked from my parents’ home for a business making calls and setting up appointments for my Dad who was a sales rep for the company.”  

Best financial tip: “Have a good tracking system so you know, at any point in time, how much money you have available.  This is crucial to ensure everything is paid on time and to avoid overdraft fees.”

On helping others become financially successful: “I love sitting down with members who come in and say ‘help, I’m struggling’.  It’s a great feeling when I can put the pieces of the puzzle together to reorganize debt and then help them establish a budget.  When they follow the steps we put in place, great things can happen.  It’s wonderful to see people accomplishing goals and living life to the fullest when money isn’t a roadblock.”

What interesting item she keeps in her wallet:  Starbucks gold card. “This is my personal spending weakness!”

Quirkiest habit:  “I can’t stand it when the light switch is turned to the down/off position and the lights are still on! I run through my house at night, switching things around to ensure the switches are in the correct position!”

What she’d do with $10K: “I would put most of it toward a vehicle loan, since my goal for this year is to pay it down as much as possible.  I’d also put some money into each of my kids’ savings. Then I may set a little aside to buy some new shoes.” 

Favorite quote:  Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their butt and do something to make it happen. 

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