About Coach Adam Grady

About Adam: “I am a new dad, and nothing seems to top getting down on the floor with my son and watching him learn and grow. I am also a big Green Bay Packers fan.  For me, there really is no offseason.” 

In his spare time: “I always enjoy spending time with family, especially gathering at my parent’s cottage up north in Three Lakes, WI.  It is located on the same road as the cottage my grandparents owned for decades.  I am grateful that my children can build some of the same great memories that I have in that same location. 

I also have a large lawn that takes a lot of maintenance.  It is often a long day of work to mow it, but I do like the feeling I get when I look back over it and see the result of my efforts.”

What super-hero power he’d like to have: Time travel.  “How cool would it be to attend every significant event in the history of the world?  And maybe make a few personal ‘adjustments’ along the way.”

Favorite movie: “I am a little old fashioned in my taste for movies.  I like setting the DVR to record as many movies with John Wayne as possible.”

Favorite childhood TV show: “Our family would always sit down and watch ‘The Wonder Years’ on ‘Nick at Nite’.”

First paying job: “The church I attended growing up had an electrical fire. The restoration company hired my twin brother and I to help out with whatever was needed through the summer. We cleaned smoke damaged dishes, provided extra hands for the skilled professionals and filled dumpsters with anything not salvageable.”

On helping others become financially successful:  “While money does not have the ability to bring true happiness, it does have the power to bring hardship. In many cases, hardship can be avoided with proper financial planning. Balancing needs and wants and planning for the future seems to go against the grain of our present culture. Reversing this trend one person at a time is my goal.  If I can help people embrace financial success in what they have, I hope that will lead to a reduced number of hardships.”

Best financial tip: Take time and consider the tradeoff of every financial decision. “Many people seem to make decisions in the moment without considering the cost of that choice further down the road.  The time spent weighing the impact of allocating finances is an essential piece of financial stewardship.”

What interesting item he keeps in his wallet: “I keep my wife’s high school picture she gave me during senior year.”

What he’d do with $10K: “I would use the money to pay down my wife’s graduate school loans for her doctorate of Physical Therapy.” 

Favorite quote: We make a living out of we get, but we make a life out of what we give.  ~Winston Churchill

Adam is looking forward to learning as much from Katie as she will from him. “Being a coach gives me the opportunity to focus another individual’s potential and convert it to meeting a common goal and creating lasting behavior that will continue to make a difference long after I am out of the picture.”  

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