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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Being tight with the purse strings while living on one full-time income isn’t always fun.

  1. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable. For example, this past week my coworkers asked me to go out with them for lunch at Culvers. “Thanks, but my lunch is in the fridge!” Casey wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted on buying my lunch. It was sweet of her and I had fun going out with them, but deep down it made me feel like a charity case, which did not feel good. I’m way too independent and it can be uncomfortable to accept other people’s good will.
  2. Sometimes it can lead to arguments. Remember Necessities Only November? Well apparently I did not have Jason’s complete buy in. Last week I came home to discover that he bought two new (actually used from St. Vinnie’s) hand towels for our bathroom for $1. Only $1 right? Not normally a big deal, but we already have three hand towels so this was not a necessity. He doesn’t see how a dollar here and there adds up and leads to us to having less money for bigger expenditures that are on the horizon – like the $350 we will need for our December car insurance bill. “It’s just a dollar Andrea!” Jason sees the trees, while I am focused on the forest.
  3. Sometimes it can feel unrelenting. After five months, Jason still hasn’t had an interview. He continues to pursue new contracts for his consulting business, but cultivating a clientele takes time. As for my consulting business, I discovered that there will be an extended period of time before I receive payment. For example, I worked a significant amount during the month of November, but I won’t receive payment for that time until mid-January.

But enough complaining about the bad and the ugly. What’s the good?  First, one of Jason’s contracts may get extended! Second, I received another client, so my part-time income will more than double!! And the biggest news of all: Jason has his first interview on December 18th!!!


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Congrats and good luck, Jason! I know how you feel, Andrea, about feeling like a charity case; I had a few instances over the past few months where I've been in a similar situation. I figure I'll just pay it forward in the future!

I'm glad for the good news. I hope your businesses continue to grow. Navigating lunch invites and going out with friends is tricky and weird. Navigating purchases/money as a couple can be tricky and weird. We were discussing a low balence in our checking account with our coach Sherry, and then Dave volunteered that he was a week off in depositing a pay check. Constantly communicating about money can be exhausting. I see your hard work paying off in those awesome numbers.

Katie: I like your positive way of looking at it. I will definitely pay it forward in the future.

Louise: The whole couple thing is such a challenge, right? The constant communication is so stressful. There are multiple things that we will relax in the future, but there are other areas where I can see the importance on keeping the finger on the pulse of our finances.

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