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It’s a Wrap

Our experience with Project Money has been a long and hard road to travel for seven months. Before PM, the only debt we shared was our mortgage and car loan. We had no clue as to how much the other was spending or had accrued in debt (student loan, credit cards, etc.).  We kept most of our finances separate in an effort to avoid typical marital arguments about money. Jason had accrued some retirement savings that could be available in an emergency, but we had no immediately accessible emergency savings. ZERO! We also had two full-time incomes.

Our belief in how well we would do with our initial PM goals was knocked for a spin when Jason’s job was cut to half-time in June, then completely laid off in September. This was the impetus for Jason and I to start our own LLCs, but the growing pains took so much time that we had little profit to show before the end of Project Money.

Yet we didn’t give up! We continued with our goal to save as much as we could even as Jason’s income significantly decreased. This was difficult because there is only so much that you can do to decrease your monthly living expenses in an effort to free up money to save. During PM, I succeeded in completely paying off my credit card and Jason’s credit card bill was rolled into a low interest, refinanced car loan. I am quite proud that despite these financial struggles, we have not accrued any credit card debt, we saved over $4000, and we decreased our debt by over $4000! That brings a smile to my face.

What didn’t happen during this PM period? Unfortunately we didn’t increase the fun in our lives. A major job loss and being really stingy with your money can be hard on your emotions as well as the wallet.

But we have hope that things will get better in 2015. 1) Jason has had a couple of job interviews and we think he may receive a job offer in the near future. 2) My LLC will start to show significant financial gains with my first major paycheck in January. 3) And despite our low numbers when compared with the savings increase and debt reduction for each PM team, I still hold hope that we can win Project Money. Fingers crossed!




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Andrea and Jason, you guys have been amazing. Growing your savings and paying off a credit card with a major job change is soooooo impressive. It is huge. Listening to your story has helped us. Here's to loads of fun in 2015, Louise and Dave

You guys are inspirational for people like me who is planning to get married soon without bank balance but with bank full of ideas. To know more about my ideas please check my website

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