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We’ve had a pretty full week this week…

On Monday, we had our second live NBC news interview and discussed how to create an LLC. See the clip here.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended a conference in the Wisconsin Dells. I’m fortunate that my employer will reimburse the registration fee. Last year they paid my fee, but I drove my own vehicle and rented a hotel room rather than add to the wear and tear of our only vehicle. This year I learned that my employer provides a vehicle for work-related events, so I used their hybrid vehicle and carpooled with a couple of my co-workers. This experience reminded me that people aren’t always informed of all the benefits are available when they first start a new job. It’s important to talk to coworkers and ask questions to find the hidden benefits at your place of employment.

On Friday night, Halloween, Jason insisted on taking me out for a frozen margarita at Tex Tubbs. He knew I had been craving one throughout the summer, so he saved his weekly allowance to take me out. Part of me was stressed at spending money on a non-essential, but just like Project Money’s Team Katie said on her blog last week: sometimes you need to reward yourself to encourage motivation. It’s been about a month since we sat down in a nice restaurant, so this was a fun little splurge. Just like Katie recommended, we stuck to a limit of one drink each. A nice bonus was that our friends shared their sweet potato fries and unlimited chips & salsa. Thanks Fritz & Lynn!

Finally, on Saturday night, Project Money’s Team Louise and Dave invited us over for dinner. We brought an apple crisp made from items already in my kitchen and we had a nice time hanging out for the evening. Dave was generous enough to provide Jason with tips for improving his LLC’s website, while I came away with some good clean jokes (thanks Will!) and my favorite Halloween candy (thanks Ellie, Will, & Louise!). The imaginary potato soup Celine made was delicious! I need to get her recipe…


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Your dinner sounds just awesome!! Way to go for connecting with other families!!

That leftover apple crisp made the best breakfast the next day. Thanks for sharing it with us and for Jason's on the fly home remodeling consult. I really appreciated the details you've shared about starting an LLC. That margarita sounds well earned.

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