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Necessities Only November

Despite the fact that our income has been cut in half, I’m not giving up on doing as much as I can to decrease debt and increase savings. The hardest part is that most of our money goes towards paying our bills and debts, which leaves very little to none for adding to our savings. I have been adamant that we do not touch our savings even as we continue to wait for those first paychecks from our LLC contracts.

So in an effort to increase the chances that some money for savings may be left over at the end of the month, and inspired by Katie’s No-Spend September, I have implemented a Necessities Only November.

This decision is imperative because our expenses are increasing this month. First, our CSA box ended last month and we now that our leftovers are gone, we will need to start spending money on buying vegetables. Second, with the increasing cold and darkness, I am no longer able to ride my bike to work. So I’m using our car for transportation to my full-time job and my contract work. Finally, we plan to visit family for Thanksgiving, so there will be added costs for that trip.

Thus our focus when spending money is on purchasing necessities only. For example, I have a lot of tea in my pantry, but I had been drinking coffee that Jason made almost every morning. Not anymore. Now I drink tea and only allow myself a coffee on the weekend. I’m relying on what food we have in the house, picking recipes using those items, and creating a minimal grocery list. We will mostly rely on the dried beans in our pantry as a source of cheap protein. As a result, we stayed under the $45 budget I had set for the week. Using up what we have is my main focus for this month.

In addition to not spending money, we are also trying to have fun. Unfortunately this is getting a bit more difficult now that the weather is turning colder and we are starting to feel it. But this weekend Jason and I made a great breakfast on Saturday morning, read all day, and played the board game Stratego in the evening. Jason finally won J. If I had been paying attention to the UW Memorial Union, we could have tapped into the Celtic Film Festival this weekend! So next weekend we have made plans to access the abundance of Madison’s free movies by attending a showing at the UW Cinematheque.

Necessities Only November, here we come!


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Good luck with no-spend November! You can do it!

Thanks Katie!

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