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Easy Money

I spend a lot of time tracking our spending and exploring a variety of methods to cut our expenses. But there is a completely different avenue that could help increase our savings and decrease out debt: bring in more money.

Since Jason’s job was cut in half at the start of Project Money, he has been searching for a part-time job to fill in the loss and exploring ideas for a new full-time job. So far he hasn’t had any luck. Last summer I worked full-time in addition to a part-time job as a mental health social worker.  But it was too exhausting and it makes me sad to consider this option again. So if we can’t earn more money via new jobs, where else can we find that additional income? Enter our health care provider – Group Health Cooperative (GHC).

Earlier this year, I received a flyer explaining that each of us can earn $150 by accomplishing two things:

1)      Complete an online wellness questionnaire (15 minutes).

2)      Complete a wellness assessment – visit GHC for a blood pressure check, a body mass index measurement (ratio of height and weight), and blood work (for cholesterol & glucose levels).

Talk about a super easy $300 in our pockets! I began to wonder if GHC had more to offer, so searched their website and found the wellness reimbursement section. Thus my discovery of their athletic shoe rebate.

GHC has partnered with six local retailers to offer an in-store discount, PLUS a refund of $25 for each family member that purchases a pair of athletic shoes. Generous, right? And what was even more exciting was the fact that I wouldn’t have to spend any additional money to get this rebate. At the beginning of this year, I purchased a pair of athletic shoes at an authorized retailer in my neighborhood, Catalyst. I emailed the store and they were kind enough to email me a receipt for my purchase. Thanks Gail! 5 minutes to email Catalyst + 5 minutes to fill out and mail the rebate form = $25!

Minimal effort for easy money. Just the way I like it!


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That is awesome! Way to work what you already have!

Nice...way to make some easy money! I love that there are so many great incentives from local health insurance companies in Madison. I use Physicians Plus, and they offer a similar kickback.

This is really helpful. Wisconsin state employees should check with their insurance companies to find similar wellness reimbursement programs. I've always meant to do it in the past, but haven't. Your post got me investigating Unity's reimbursement for CSA memberships for vegetable and fruit shares from a local farm ($200/family, $100/individual). I had ruled it out in June because it felt too alarming to have a random box of vegetables to cook for the week. Now I am thinking that a half share (veggies every other week) might work for us.

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