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A World of Wasteful Spending

Kicking off the next chapter in our lives together, Alyssa and I are embarking in a financial challenge that we have been so lucky to be chosen for. The next seven months will challenge our discipline but in the end the results will outweigh any sacrifices we have made. This journey will be rewarding as long as we stick together as a team and accomplish our goals. Oh yeah…and we are getting married in December! We hope to start our life as newlyweds without the burden of financial stress.

After meeting with our financial coach Mike, he opened our eyes to a world of wasteful spending. He helped us realize a means to reach our goals but emphasized hard work and dedication will be key. Mike has been extremely helpful so far and allowed us to recognize that we are not alone in this challenge as many of our fellow Americans are in a similar financial situation. He’s already introducing us to other Summit staff that are helping us get new accounts set up and introducing us to things like car refinancing!

Even though the Project Money challenge has just begun, we have already been able to set a budget that will ultimately lead to financial success. The problem, as usual, does not result in the budget but the dedication and strict adherence to it. We are here to prove that if we can stick to a budget anyone can. Along the way we will openly share our ups and downs in hopes of helping someone else who may be in a similar situation.

I have already noticed a change in myself. Not even a week into the challenge and I find myself repeatedly checking our finances and looking for coupons or deals for the essentials. Maybe this is something I should have been doing my entire life, however, as they say, it’s better late than never.

So far everyone at Summit Credit Union has been extremely friendly and they make us feel welcomed. We feel like the staff is truly there to help us succeed. We look forward to our next meeting with Mike because, as long as we stick to our budget, he will be impressed with our progress.

Tip of the week: Keep track of your spending, even for just one week. You’ll be surprised to figure out how much you’re spending on things like groceries, eating out and shopping. For us, eating out was a common occurrence which leads to “wasted money” and we spent a lot on groceries.

Our goal is to cut eating out to a bare minimum and plan meals before we go to the grocery store. Due to our work schedules we often go several days without actually seeing each other. In an effort to cut down food expenses we are cooking enough food for both of us, even if we’re not eating it together so that there is always something prepared in the fridge. We’ll keep you posted on how much we actually save this month on “food”.


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