• Andrea & Jason

    Andrea and Jason

    "We’ve been leading separate financial lives for 20 years!"

    By splitting everything from their mortgage and bills to groceries and restaurant tabs, they avoided potential arguments about money. But it has led to complicated finances. Watch as this dynamic duo gets on the same page and starts having fun again.

    Andrea and Jason's Progress
  • Connie


    "I want to be debt-free by 30!"

    Living paycheck to paycheck, money is one of the biggest stress factors in Connie’s life. Find out how she tackles her debt so she can breathe easier and focus on her future.

    Connie's Progress
  • Katie


    "I want these student loans gone!"

    Tired of paying high interest rates on student loans and credit card debt, this academic advisor is ready to get schooled on tackling her financial situation so her future can really take off.

    Katie's Progress
  • Louise & Dave

    Louise and Dave

    "Being a family with young kids – and cancer – has made it feel like we've been treading water."

    Life events can do a number on finances, especially when chronic illness is involved. Watch how Louise and Dave map their course to more secure financial times.

    Louise and Dave's Progress
The $10,000 prize is awarded to the participant that earns the most points during the contest. Points are awarded for percent increase in savings, percent decrease in debt and participation in program events. Percentages are weighted based on gross household income.